Service & maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of your fire safety equipment is not only paramount to their operation in the event of a fire, but also a mandatory requirement.

Kprotect provide a comprehensive range of services for the following:

  • Fire detection & alarm systems service and maintenance

  • Fire suppression, FM 200, NOVEC, Inergen service and maintenance

  • Sprinklers & Fire Pumps service & maintenance

  • R102 kitchen fire suppression maintenance

  • Portable fire-fighting equipment service and maintenance

  • Emergency escape lighting systems service and maintenance

  • Wet and dry rising mains service and maintenance

  • Fire hydrants service and maintenance

A regime of periodic testing and maintenance is essential to meet regulatory requirements, regular tests of the fire safety systems and equipment should be carried out and recorded in your fire safety log-book.

Don’t get caught out, in the unfortunate event of a fire, a trained response from those immediately involved can make such a difference.

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